The Kafue River and Rowing Centre

The threats and opportunities in the Zambezi River Basin can be dealt with through a combination of energy and passion, plus insight from data and research. That is why RowZambezi, and our international rowing team, have agreed a partnership with World Rowing and WWF to raise money for a world class water research and rowing centre on the Kafue River itself – the The Kafue River and Rowing Centre.

Freshwater researchers from around the world will use the Centre to conduct research, study problems, find solutions, and share their results; and Zambia will have a high-quality Centre to develop the sport of rowing. Anyone on Earth will be able to visit the Centre “virtually” and interact with the researchers there via the Centre’s website, the interactive component of the Centre’s programme. Research will be shared openly, thus benefitting the world as a whole. The Centre in effect will become a delta, distributing the output and benefits of the project to the wider world and inspiring others to create change in their own communities. The global rowing community will be at the forefront of support for the Centre, and a group of high-profile world-class rowers will be Opinion Formers to the wider world on how we all will benefit.

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