Past Explorations

Water is everything to us: it is life itself. We are rowers, we live on water and our sport is dependent upon access to clean water. So, in 2011 we set up RowZambezi to explore the Zambezi River Basin in rowing boats, raising money for water based projects and identifying opportunities for rowing events and activities.

The ‘First’ Expedition, 2011

The 2018 Kafue Expedition is our third RowZambezi expedition. In 2011 RowZambezi explored 1000km of the Upper Zambezi with a combined GB/Zambian rowing team. Our trip was the first time the Upper Zambezi had been explored by rowing boat. We had an interview with the Lozi King (known as the Litunga) as we rowed through one of Africa’s great wetlands, the vast Barotse flood plain, 900,000 ha wide and a designated Ramsar site. On our journey we also helped dig a well for the charity Village Water.

The Parmigiani Kariba Moon Row, 2014

In 2014 RowZambezi explored Lake Kariba and the Lower Zambezi National Park. We ran a learn to row course in Northern Zambia and then a combined GB/Zambian team of rowers undertook the first non-stop crossing of the 250km Lake Kariba, the world’s largest manmade lake, under the light of a Supermoon. We called this trip “The Moon Row”. We then explored the Lower Zambezi National Park for a further 250km.

We have so far explored 1500km of the Zambezi River Basin in rowing boats, raised $50,000 for clean water projects in the Zambezi River Basin area and identified several opportunities for rowing based activities there. We will continue to raise money for both short term water projects e.g. wells for remote villages, and long-term projects that impact the whole Zambezi River Basin such as the Kafue River and Rowing Centre.

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