Route Details

Arrival & Preparation

  • Tues 17th July Media Day Tiffany’s Canyon Lusaka
  • Wed 18th July training day & capsize drill Tiffany’s Canyon Lusaka
  • Thursday 19th July drive to the Kafue, prepare boats

Part 1: About Conservation – Kafue National Park

  • Friday 20th July 30km row. Camp beside the river
  • Sat 21st July 40km row. Camp beside the river
  • Sun 22nd July 50km row to Delai Camp. Meet Darrell Watt.
  • Mon 23rd July 50km row to McBrides. Meet Chris McBride
  • Tues 24th July 65km row to Kafwala camp
  • Wed 25th July 50km row to Green Lodge. Meet Dr Kim Young-Overton. Two rapids to negotiate
  • Thurs 26th July 58km row to KaingU camp. Rapid to negotiate
  • Friday 27th July 62km Moon Row across Lake Itezhi – Tezhi to Kokomaya under a total eclipse of the Moon.
  • Sat 28th July day off for repairs and visit to elephant orphanage


Part 2: About Coaching – Kafue Flats

  • Sun 29th July Day One 70km row. Camp beside river
  • Mon 30th July Day Two 80km row. Camp beside river.
  • Tues 31st July Day Three 80km row camp in Lochinvar National Park.
  • Wed 1st August Day Four 60km row. Camp beside river.
  • Thurs 2nd August Day Five 70km row to Mazabuka. Joined by World Rowing? Camp beside river.
  • Fri 3rd August Day Six 60km row to Kafue River & Rowing Centre. Finish by 13.00.
  • Sat 4th August cleaning and debrief
  • Sun 5th August At leisure or return to countries


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